English Medium Environmental study Modal Practice Paper Class 5th

English Medium Model Qus paper-Environmental study

Class 5th Session Annual Exam 2022-23

Optional questions

Question 1 – From which of the following water sources, pure drinking water is not available?
(A) well
(B) Tubewell
(C) waterfall
(D) Pond on the side of the village
Answer – (D) The pond on the side of the village

Question 2 – Glucose is given to humans when
(A) Fever comes.
(B) Anemia occurs.
(C) Energy in the body gets reduced.
(D) gets indigestion.
Answer – (C) Energy in the body decreases.

Question 3 – What will happen if salt is added to the water while boiling the egg?
(A) The egg will settle down in the water.
(B) The egg will boil quickly.
(C) The egg will explode.
(D) The egg will float a little higher in the water.
Ans – (D) The egg will float slightly above the water.

Question 4 – Which group of seeds can be eaten after sprouting?
(A) Bean, Arhar, Urad
(B) Gram, moong, peas
(C) Lentil, Groundnut, Wheat
(D) Linseed, Moong, Peas
Answer – (B) gram, moong, peas

Question 5 – Which of the following animals can rotate its neck?
(A) Owl
(B) chameleon
(C) parrot
(D) horse
Answer – (A) Owl

use of water

Note- Look at the above figure and choose the correct option for question numbers 6 to 10 given below.

Question 6 – Which disease can be caused by mosquito bites?
(A) Malaria
(B) Dengue
(C) Chikungunya
(D) All of the above.
Answer – (D) All of the above.

Question 7 – The extra water coming out of the hand pump can be put to good use.
(A) By experimenting in the garden.
(B) By putting in soakpit.
(C) be allowed to flow as it is.
(D) be thrown down the drain.
Answer – (A) By experimenting in the garden.

Question 8 – By sprinkling kerosene oil in the water filled in the pits……..
(A) The number of mosquitoes increases.
(B) The number of mosquitoes decreases.
(C) Mosquitoes stop biting.
(D) Only the disease-carrying mosquitoes die.
Answer – (B) The number of mosquitoes decreases.

Question 9 – There will be a reduction in the number of mosquitoes if …….
(A) Do not allow water to collect around and fill the potholes.
(B) Keep the water vessel tank cooler clean and dry them every week.
(C) Sprinkle kerosene oil in the water filled in the pits.
(D) All the above statements are true.
Answer – (D) All the above statements are true.

Question 10 – What is happening due to the spread of water in the above picture?
(A) Water is being wasted.
(B) It will also breed mosquitoes.
(C) Dirt will spread around.
(D) All the above statements are true.
Answer – (D) All the above statements are true.

Short answer type questions

Question 11 – Name any three sports which you play and which sports material is required.
Answer – 1. Cricket
2. Hockey
3. 3. Chess

Question 12 – In which method the seeds are sown in jhum cultivation?
Answer – In jhum cultivation, seeds are sown by scattering.

Question 13 – Why Madhya Pradesh is called Soya State?
Answer – Madhya Pradesh has the maximum soybean crop, hence it is called Soya State.

Question 14 – Why should weeds be buried in the ground?
Answer – 1. By pressing the weed in the ground, it is destroyed. 2. The land becomes fertile.

Question 15 – Which is called the ‘common bank’ of the tribals?
Answer – Forests are called the ‘common bank’ of the tribals.

Question 16 – You want to make your own museum, write the names of any two things to be kept in the museum.
Answer – 1. Old coins
2. Old paintings

Question 17 – If you are in space, how would your hair be?
Answer – If we are in space then our hair will stand on end.

Question 18 – Which pollution is caused by vehicles running on petrol and diesel?
Answer – Air pollution.

Question 19 – What will you do if there is a sudden earthquake and you are trapped inside the house?
Answer – 1. Will sit under a strong table.
2. Will stand in the corner of the walls.

Question 20 – What do you do by blowing your hand in the cold season?
Answer – 1. Warm the hands.
2. Cooling down roasted potatoes or foods.

Long answer type questions

Question 21 – Write about any five ways by which petrol and diesel can be saved.
Answer – 1. More and more public vehicles should be used.
2. Vehicles should be stopped when the red light is on.
3. Vehicles running on solar energy etc. should be used.
4. Cycles, cycle rickshaws should be used more and more.
5. Vehicles running on battery energy should be used.

Question 22 – What are the benefits of domestic animals.
Answer – Following are the benefits of domestic animals-
1. Food items like milk, meat etc. are obtained from animals.
2. Fertilizer is available for agricultural work.
3. Assistance is received in plowing, transportation of goods in agricultural work.
4. Wool and leather are obtained from animals, which are helpful in meeting daily needs.

Question 23 – Draw symbols to show the following on the map.
1. Raw road
2. School
3. Jungle
4. Village
5. Pond
Answer –
1. Raw road – :::::::::::::::::::::::
2. School – 🏠
3. Jungle – 🌳
4. Village – 🏘️🏛️🏚️
5. Pond – 💭

Question 24 – By which instrument does the doctor measure our heart beats? Is there any other medium through which we can hear our heart beat?
Answer – The doctor measures our heart beats with the help of a stethoscope. We can also hear our heart beat through a pipe or a roll of paper.


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