English Medium English Modal Practice Paper Class 5th

English Medium Model Qus paper-English (Special Series)

Class 5th Session Annual Exam 2022-23

Objective Type Questions

Q. 1 – Trust in God do the right is a poem about-
(A) courage and bravery
(B) the God
(C) the right action
(D) all of these.
Ans. – (D) all of these

Q. 2 – Which game keeps you physically fit and healthy?
(A) playing piano
(B) playing kabaddi
(C) playing flute
(D) all of these.
Ans. – (B) playing kabaddi

Q. 3 – ‘Heaven and Hell’ is a story about the sharp wit of –
(A) Ashok
(B) Tenaliram
(C) Akbar
(D) Birbal
Ans. – (B) Tenaliram

Q. 4 – The old man was sitting under a –
(A) coconut tree.
(B) litchi tree
(C) neem tree
(D) mango tree
Ans. – (B) litchi tree

Q. 5 – Initially the gardener was-
(A) lazy
(B) hard working
(C) pessimistic
(D) ideal
Ans. – (A) lazy

Q. 6 – Vikramaditya was a famous king of-
(A) Jabalpur
(B) Ujjain
(C) Gwalior
(D) Indore
Ans. – (B) Ujjain

Q. 7 – Honey made by bees is-
(A) yellow sweet substance
(B) blue bitter substance
(C) white sour substance
(D) none of these.
Ans. – (A) yellow sweet substance

Q. 8 – Swami went through the city dis- guised ………….
(A) as a beggar
(B) as a merchant
(C) as a police
(D) none of the above
Ans. – (A) as a beggar

Q. 9 – The poet has described the rice fields?
(A) green
(B) yellow
(C) red
(D) green and yellow
Ans. – (D) green and yellow

Q. 10 -Vinoba Bhave was born on …….
(A) 12 September 1895
(B) 15 September 1895
(C) 11 September 1895
(D) 13 September 1895
Ans. – (C) 11 September 1895

Short Answer Type Questions

Q. 11 – Write the rhyming words in the poem TRUST IN GOD AND DO THE RIGHT.
Ans. – Ans. Stumble-humble, night-right, sight-right.

Q. 12 – Who is the most regular student?
Ans. – Sunil is the most regular student.

Q. 13 – What was Vikramaditya famous for?
Ans. – Vikramaditya was famous for his judgement.

Q. 14 – How many players are there in a ‘Kabaddi’ team?
Ans. – There are 12 players in a ‘Kabaddi’ team.

Q. 15 – Why do the ducks clamour in the island?
Ans. – The ducks clamour in the island because they are in joyous mood.

Q. 16 – Use the simple present form of the given verbs to complete the sentences.
(a) Everybody …… his nation. (love)
(b) I want ……… book which is on the right shelf. (move)
Ans. – loves, moves

Q. 17 – Why do the bees forget to sip their honey?
Ans. – The bees forget to sip their honey because they are drunken with light.

Q. 18 – Write the rhyming words of the following.
Ans. – free – tree
take – make
low – bow

Q. 19 – Write meanings of the following words given below.
Ans. – jealous – envious
heaven – abode to God

Q. 20 – Where was the mango tree ?
Ans. – The mango tree was beside a river.

Long Answer Type Questions

Q. 21 – What sudden change came in the monkey’s behaviour? Why?
Ans. – The monkey began to talk meekly with the birds. His behaviour changed from bad to good because he realized that the birds were helpful in the trouble.

Q. 22 – Who are the ‘raider’ and ‘catcher’?
Ans. – The ‘raider’ is one who goes to the other parlour cooing ‘Kabaddi’, ‘Kabaddi’, ‘Kabaddi’, and stays there till his single breath lasts. During this stay he tries to get the opponents out by touching them. The oppo- nent who tries to catch ‘raider’ is known as the ‘catcher’.

Q. 23 – What did Binoba Bhave do for the old and lonely?
Ans. – Binoba Bhave offered his service tc f the old and lonely. He himself fed and nursec then. He used to arrange their beds also.

Q. 24 – Who lives in the banyan tree?
Ans. – Many interesting creatures live in the banyan tree which is full of dark private corners just right for different kinds of ten-ants.


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