वार्षिक परीक्षा हेतु कक्षा-8 अंग्रेजी मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र-1

मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र-1 ll  Modal Question Paper-1

विषय – अंग्रेजी ll Subject – English 

कक्षा-8 वार्षिक परीक्षा 2024

Objective Questions
(Question No. 1 to 10)
Question 1. The antonym word of success is ……….. .
(a) failure
(b) fresh
(c) despair
(d) begin
Answer– failure.

Question 2. The rhyming word of shine is ……….. .
(a) new
(b) heart
(c) wine
(d) going
Answer– wine.

Question 3. What is the prefix in the word ‘disagree’?
(a) d
(b) di
(c) dis
(d) disa
Answer– dis.

Question 4. Which is the most different option from the given four options?
(a) evening
(b) afternoon
(c) morning
(d) week
Answer– week.

Question 5. We receive water for irrigation–
(a) through rainfall
(b) by melting snow
(c) from the sea
(d) by dismantling dams
Answer– through rainfall.

Question 6. What is the suffix in the word ‘beautifully’?
(a) y
(b) ly
(c) ully
(d) fully
Answer– ly.

Question 7. The best virtue is ………….. .
(a) to hate none
(b) to hate some people
(c) to hate all
(d) to love none
Answer– to hate none.

Question 8. I saw …………… ox yesterday.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) none of these
Answer– an.

Question 9. Jack’s mother gave ………. an orange.
(a) he
(b) him
(c) his
(d) her
Answer– him.

Question 10. This is the house in ……….. I live.
(a) what
(b) what
(c) when
(d) which
Answer– which.

Short Answer Questions
(Question No. 11 to 20)
Question 11. What does the poet mean by adding a little sunshine to the world?
Answer– The poet means to make our life better and become something in this world.

Question 12. What did the villagers do when the contractors chose another forest?
Answer– When the contractors chose another forest, the villagers began to march in a procession to save the forests.

Question 13. What is meant by the word conservation?
Answer– The word conservation means to save something.

Question 14. What did Yudhishthira say to Nakula?
Answer– Yudhishthira said to Nakula to climb the tree and look all over the forest and see if water was near.

Question 15. In 1920-21 which movement attracted Chandra Shekhar?
Answer– He was attracted by the non-cooperation movement of 1920-21 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

Question 16. What were Kalpana Chawla hobbies?
Answer– Her hobbies were reading, flying, hiking and bird-watching.

Question 17. Where do the birdies sleep?
Answer– Birdies sleep in the forks of the trees.

Question 18. Who was invited to the court to draw the portrait of the King?
Answer– Raja Varma, a fine artist was invited to the court to draw the portrait of the King.

Question 19. What kinds of dresses do the Bhil women wear?
Answer– Women wear colourful ghaghara with polka, kanchali etc.

Question 20. When did she first fly into space?
Answer– She first flew into space on 19 November, 1997.

Long Answer Questions
(Question No. 21 to 24)
Question 21. Was Raja Varma happy when he was the Chief Minister of the state? If not, why?
Answer– No, Raja Varma was not happy when he was the Chief of the state because he told Tenali in the end that he was happy to remain an artist.

Question 22. Why do you like “Chanda Mama”?
Answer– The moon appears at night and watches all the creatures on the earth. It looks beautiful and illuminates the earth with its cool rays.

Question 23. Describe Kalpana Chawla last space mission.
Answer– Her last space mission was called STS- 107. It took off on 16 January 2003. The crew successfully performed eighty experiments. Unfortunately, 16 minutes before landing, the spacecraft developed a snag and it perished on 1 February, 2003.

Question 24. Mention some of the names of the tribal personalities who have got recognition at international level.
Answer– Some of the tribal personalities who have got recognition at international level are Pema Fatya, Ram Singh Urveti, Rani Durgawati and Teejan Bai.

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