वार्षिक परीक्षा हेतु कक्षा-5 अंग्रेजी मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र-3

मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र-3 ll  Modal Question Paper-3

विषय – अंग्रेजी ll Subject -English

कक्षा-5 वार्षिक परीक्षा 2024

Multiple Choice Questions (Q. 1-5)

Read carefully and answer the questions:

A washerman had a donkey and a dog. The washerman used to beat the donkey for nothing but never got angry with his dog. The dog used to sleep at night. The donkey was worried about the safety of his master’s house. So, he kept alert at night. One night some thieves came to steal clothes. The dog slept but the donkey started braying. The thieves ran away. The washerman got up and beat the donkey with a stick. The donkey decided not to do dog’s duty in future.


Q. 1. What did the washerman have?
(A) a donkey
(B) a dog
(C) a donkey and a dog
(D) a donkey and a cat.
Ans.― (C) a donkey and a dog

Q. 2. What did the dog do at night?
(A) used to sleep
(B) used to bark
(C) used to guard
(D) used to bray
Ans.― (A) used to sleep

Q. 3. Sound of donkey is called :
(A) barking
(B) braying
(C) neighing
(D) roaring
Ans.― (B) braying

Q. 4. Who came to steal clothes ?
(A) washerman
(B) dog
(C) thieves
(D) neighbours
Ans.― (C) thieves

Q. 5. The donkey was worried about the…………………of his master’s house.
(A) anger
(B) health
(C) food
(D) safety
Ans.― (D) safety

Filling in the blanks (Q. 6-10)
Q. 6. No gain without pain
Q. 7. The antonym of ‘go’ is come
Q. 8. Birds live in the nests
Q. 9. The name of Leela’s brother is Rohit
Q. 10. Devadatta demanded his hunt angrily.

Very short answer questions (Q. 11-16)
Q. .11. Who has given us father and mother ?
Ans.― God.

Q. 12. Who happens to pass by?
Ans.― Mr. Singh, Ajay’s teacher.

Q. 13. Write the rhyming word for ‘fair’.
Ans.― Hair.

Q. 14. When was Shastriji awarded Bharat Ratna?
Ans.― In 1966.

Q. 15. How many hind feet does the dog have?
Ans.― Two hind feet.

Q. 16. Write feminine gender of the following :
(i) uncle, (ii) cock.
Ans.― (i) aunt, (ii) hen.

Short Answer Questions (Q. 17-22)
Q. 17. What mistake did the boy make?
Ans.― The boy called a wrist watch a clock.

Q. 18. What was Lal Bahadur Shastri commonly called?
Ans.― Lal Bahdur Shastri was commonly called ‘Babuji’.

Q. 19. In how many groups did the teacher divide the children?
Ans.― The teacher divided the children into three groups.

Q. 20. Write any three things given by God.
Ans.― Trees, parents, home.

Q. 21. Change the given adjectives into adverbs.
(i) slow, (ii) happy, (iii) bright, (iv) neat.
Ans.― (i) slowly, (ii) happily, (iii) brightly, (iv) neatly.

Q. 22. Write the missing letters.
(i) T_e_d_y, (ii) S_t_rd_y Ans.― (i) Tuesday, (ii) Saturday.

Long Answer Questions (Q. 23-26)
Q. 23. Why was Narendra frightened?
Ans.― Narendra was frightened to see a group of monkeys following him for food.

Q. 24. Name the months which have thirty one days.
Ans.― January, March, May, July, August , October and December have thirty one days.

Q. 25. Write an application to your Principal seeking permission for picnic.
Ans.― To,
The Principal,
Govt. Middle School,

Subject- Application for T. C.

Respected sir,
Most respectfully I beg to say that I am a student of class V-B of your school. My father has been transferred to Gwalior. So I shall continue my studies Gwalior now. Kindly issue me my T. C.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Anil Mittal
Class V-B
Roll No. 66
Date: 5 July, 20–

Q. 26. Write five sentences on ‘Pet Animal’.
1. I have a pet dog.
2. We call it Bony.
3. It is white in colour.
4. It eats eggs and drinks milk.
5. It guards my house. I love my pet.

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