General English Model Qus paper class 7th

General English Model Qus paper class 7th

Objective Questions

Question 1. The prettiest bridge is–
(a) made by clouds
(b) made by a rainbow
(c) made over rivers
(d) none of these
Answer– made by a rainbow.

Question 2. The rhyming word of ‘king’ is ………… .
(a) got
(b) hen
(c) song
(d) sing
Answer– sing.

Question 3. Why did Vinod decide to travel by AC Class?
(a) He had a lot of money.
(b) The train was overcrowded.
(c) He was sick.
(d) None of these.
Answer– The train was overcrowded.

Question 4. The old man had ………….. .
(a) stolen the camel
(b) killed the camel
(c) never seen the camel
(d) none of these
Answer– never seen the camel.

Question 5. She works ………… the poor.
(a) between
(b) among
(c) into
(d) in
Answer– among.

Question 6. The noun form of ‘good’ is ……….. .
(a) goods
(b) goodness
(c) goodfellow
(d) goodman
Answer– goodness.

Question 7. When was Manu born?
(a) 17th November, 1830
(b) 18th November, 1833
(c) 19th November, 1834
(d) 19th November, 1835
Answer– 19th November, 1835.

Question 8. It is ………….. large egg.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) none of them
Answer– a.

Question 9. Which of the following is a countable noun?
(a) butter
(b) goodness
(c) juice
(d) dog
Answer– dog.

Question 10. Meenu is going …………… Shimla.
(a) to
(b) at
(c) in
(d) of
Answer– to.

Short Answer Questions

Question 11. Why did they take the old man to the Khalifa?
Answer– They took the old man to the Khalifa because they thought that he had stolen the goods and killed the animal.

Question 12. How can Lohri be celebrated in a better way?
Answer– Lohri can be celebrated in a better way by burning our hatred for good.

Question 13. What does Lambu always do?
Answer– Lambu is always butting in and asking silly questions or giving childish ideas.

Question 14. Describe Gittoo’s dress. How does he keep everybody informed?
Answer– Gittoo is always dressed in Khaki. He gathers news and gossip from the whole village and keeps everyone informed.

Question 15. Which style do the wall paintings in Orchha belong to?
Answer– The wall paintings in Orchha buildings belong to the basic styles-known as the Rajput and the Mughal styles.

Question 16. Why did the Britishers not accept Damodar Rao as the heir of Gangadhar Rao?
Answer– The Britishers did not accept Damodar Rao as the heir of Gangadhar Rao because he was an adopted son.

Question 17. What goes from hand to hand?
Answer– Nuts and sweetmeats pass from hand to hand.

Question 18. What were the last words of Maharani Laxmi Bai?
Answer– The last words of Maharani Laxmi Bai were, “Let no Britisher touch my body.”

Question 19. When were the wall paintings very popular?
Answer– The wall paintings were very popular in 16th and 17th century.

Question 20. Why do you like a caterpillar train ride?
Answer– I like the caterpillar train ride because it is a joy ride and it takes us round the fair too.

Long Answer Questions

Question 21. What caused Bobby to slow down in the middle of the race?
Answer– A duck and her ducklings swam across the waterway. It was the path of Bobby’s boat. The boat was going to run into them, therefore Bobby had to slow down in the middle of the race.

Question 22. Write an application to your principal to take you on a picnic.
The Principal,
Govt. Middle School,
Respected sir,
With due salutations and respect I beg to state that I am the monitor of class VII-A and on behalf of all the students of class VII, I request you to take us to a class picnic. We shall be highly obliged if you consider our request.
Thanking you,
Date– 10th October, 20…..
Yours Obediently
Mehul Garg
Class VII-A

Question 23. Write a letter to your friend telling him about the Sports Meet in your school.
10, Raghava Pura,
Ram Nagar, Indore.
Date– 10-2-20…….
My dear Mahesh,
In the month of January, ‘Sports Meet’ Programme was held in my school. Different sports took place. Most attractive games were cricket and football. The players of school topped the list of winners of Gold medals. The D. M. was the chief guest. The function was over with a lecture of our Principal. Rest is O. K.
Waiting for your letter.

Question 24. Write an essay on ‘My Hobby’.
Answer– MY HOBBY
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” There should be some amusement after work. A hobby is a thing which we do in our free time. There are several hobbies like singing, dancing, gardening etc. My hobby is gardening.
I have made a small garden. I grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in it. I work in my garden in the morning and in the evening. It gives me pleasure to work in the garden. It also saves money as I don’t have to buy vegetables from the market. It has also increased my knowledge of science. Gardening is a useful hobby as it controls pollution.


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