Modal Qus Paper Class-8th English for Annual exam preparation

Annual Exam 2023-24
अर्द्धवार्षिक परीक्षा मोडल साल्व्ड Question Answer
Multiple choice questions
Direction― Select the correct option for the given questions
1. What is Kanha Kisli?
(A) a national park
(B) a beautiful zoo
(C) a railway station
(D) a circus
Ans. (A) a national park
2. The shape of the moon according to the poem is round like a ……..
(A) plate
(B) O
(C) clock
(D) ovel
Ans. (C) clock
3. The miser came to the hole to see his―
(A) hens
(B) coins
(C) pots
(D) treasure
Ans. (D) treasure
4. Choose superlative degree of adjective.
(A) good
(B) better
(C) best
(D) more good
Ans. (C) best
5. Rhyming word of ‘beginning’ is ….. .
(A) being
(B) winning
(C) wine
(D) reality
Ans. (B) winning
Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word.
(1) The King invited Raja Varma to the court and asked him to draw his portrait.
(2) Birdies sleep in the forks of the trees.
(3) The plural of calf is calves.
(4) We should hope for starting new and winning in the future.
(5) I heard a loud noise. It was of an elephant.
Very short answer questions
Answer in one or two words.
Q. 1- Where is the bat at noon?
Ans. in the bed
Q. 2- What is the poem Another Chance about?
Ans. Never to give up in despair.
Q. 3- Write opposite word of ‘Happy’.
Ans. unhappy
Q. 4- When could the woodcutter not earn any money?
Ans. Rainy season
Q. 5- In which district Kanha Kisli is situated?
Ans. Mandla district
Q. 6- “Trees were being saved by the contractors.” This ststement is true or false?
Ans. false
Short answer questions
Answer in one or two sentences.
Q. 1- Was Raja Varma happy when he was the Chief Minister of the state ? If not, why?
Ans. No, Raja Varma was not happy when he was the Chief Minister of the state because he told Tenali in the end that he was happy to remain an artist.
Q. 2- Arrange the jumbled letters given below to make words―
Qus. (a) sediases (b) aidrn (c) alamiar (d) vefer.
Ans. (a) diseases, (b) drain, (c) malaria, (d) fever.
Q. 3- What did the axemen do when the villagers hugged the trees and shouted “chipko, chipko”?
Ans. The axemen were frightened and they ran away.
Q. 4- Pick the odd word out.
(i) moon, earth, rocket, sun
Ans. rocket
(ii) nap, sleep, awake, siesta
Ans. awake
(iii) glow, dark, shine, illumine.
Ans. dark
Q. 5- Why were the people unhappy with the administration of the chief minister?
Ans. Everything in the state was thrown into disorder and chaos because of Raja Varma’s hasty decisions and bad management. So the people were unhappy.
Q. 6- Who were trapped in the well?
Ans. A tiger, a monkey, a snake and a jeweller were trapped in the well.
Long answer questions
Direction― Answer as per instructions.
Q. 1- Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining against the cutting of trees.
66, Nehru Marg
Seoni, 22 December, 2023
The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
Bhopal 22 December, 2023
I would like to draw your attention to the cutting of trees prevailing in our area. As we all know that trees are valuable to us. Trees help to bring rain, keep the air clean, we get fruits from them. Trees help to beautify our surroundings. Hence, cutting of trees shall be a thrust to the environment. If the trees are cut then ecology will be disturbed. The floods shall occur and destroy the crops after rains. So the concerned authorities should take immediate steps to stop the cutting. Strick action should be taken against them.
Thanking you,
Yours Truly
Ambar Jain
Write a letter to your father for money to purchase some new books.
———————86, Bhairoganj, Seoni.
———————22 December, 2023.
Dear Babuji,
I am quite well here and hope the same with you. You will be glad to know that I have passed class 8th examination with 90% marks. Now I need some new books. So please send me Rs. 500/- by Money Order
Please convey my best regards to dear mother and love to dear Chinnu and Bebo.
Waiting for your reply.
————————– Your loving son,
—————————- Arpan
Q. 2- Do as directed.
(a) Change the following into plural number gender.
Monkey ―
Man ―
Horse ―
Country ―
Ans. Monkey ― monkeys
Man ― men
Horse ― horses
Country ― countries
Match the words and phrases from column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’.
Column ‘A’ ――――――― Column ‘B’
(i) in a very little time ― (a) accurately
(ii) correctly, without any ― (b) complicated mistake
(iii) long and complex ――― (c) in a flash
(iv) who can do something ― (d) accurate really well
(v) exact ――――――――― (e) expert
Column ‘A’ ――――――― Column ‘B’
(i) in a very little time ― (c) in a flash
(ii) correctly, without any ― (a) accurately mistake
(iii) long and complex ――― (b) complicated
(iv) who can do something ― (e) expert really well
(v) exact ――――――――― (d) accurate
Q. 3- Write any four lines of the poem that you remember.
Ans. So never give up in despair
And think you are through,
For there’s always a tomorrow
And the hope of starting anew.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below―
Banaras is an ancient city. It is situated on the banks of river Ganga. There are several temples and tall buildings. Malviyaji established a university in Banaras. The university building is grand and majestic. Malviyaji devoted his whole life to the expansion of this university. This university is a life memorial to Malviyaji. The number of temples in Banaras is very large. Every year large number of pilgrims visit Banaras to have a glimpse of Gods and Goddesses.
(1) Where is Banaras situated?
Ans. Banaras is situated on the banks of river Ganga.
(2) What did Maliviyaji establish in Banaras?
Ans. Malviyaji established a university in Banaras.
(3) Why do pilgrims visit Banaras?
Ans. Pilgrims visit Banaras to have a glimpse of God and Goddesses.
Q. 4- Write a brief essay on any one of the following topics.
1. Any Indian Festival 2. My School 3. My Hobby 4.
Any Indian Festival – Diwali
India is a land of festivals. We mainly celebrate festivals for fun and joy. We celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Raksha Bandhan and many other festivals. Diwali is my favourite festival. It is the festival of lights. It is so called because people light candles and lamps. It is celebrated because on this day Lord Ram had come back from exile after killing Ravana. People of Ayodhya had illuminated the city.
Before this day we clean and whitewash our houses. We worship Goddess Laxmi on this day. We decorate our houses. Children play with fire crackers. We exchange sweets with our relatives and friends. Some people enjoy in their own way by drinking and gambling. Sometimes children get hurt by crackers. So we should take proper care while celebrating Diwali.
My School
I study in Govt. Middle School, Bhoma. It is situated far from the Seoni district. Our school building is quite big. It has thirty rooms, a library and a big assembly hall. Every classroom has two ceiling fans.
There are thirty five teachers and a Principal in our school. Mr. P. L. Uikey is our Principal.
We also have a good library with more than ten thousand books. There is a play ground for playing various games.
We also have a games teacher.
I love my school very much.
My Hobby
An activity which pleases us and which we do just to please ourselves in our free time is called a hobby. Stamp collecting, listening to music, drawing and painting, gardening are some of the hobbies.
My hobby is drawing and painting. I am interested in drawing landscapes and human figures and painting them. When I travel by train, I see beautiful landscapes outside the window. When I sit in peace, I recall those scenes and draw them. At some places I get the subject matter as floating clouds, rivers, hills, fields and green trees. At evening I paint the scenery of the setting sun. I get satisfaction when I complete a good landscape. In my opinion painting makes the nature a companion of the artist. He forgets the world and his worries for a while.
The Independence Day
Our country got freedom on 15th August, 1947. Britishers quitted India on this day. Therefore, this day is known as Independence Day. It is our National festival. It is celebrated all over India. In schools and colleges, it is celebrated with great pomp and show.
It is celebrated in my school. The school building is decorated nicely. We reach school at 7 a.m. in proper uniform. Principal hoists the flag. Then we all sing the national anthem. After that, some cultural programme is presented and then the teachers deliver speeches to teach us to be faithful to our country. In the end, the principal delivers a speech thanking the audience, teachers and the taughts.
We come back home with the laddoos given to us with the feeling of patriotism.
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