Modal Qus Paper Class-8th English for Annual exam preparation

General English Model Question Paper Class 8th Annual Exam 2023 
मॉडल प्रश्नपत्र – अंग्रेजी सामान्य वार्षिक परीक्षा 2022-23
Model Question Paper English class 8 
Objective Questions
(Question No. 1 to 10)
Question 1. The antonym word of stale is ……….. .
(a) deep
(b) fresh
(c) sky
(d) mother
Answer– fresh.
Question 2. The rhyming word of beginning is ……….. .
(a) white
(b) start
(c) through
(d) winning
Answer– winning.
Question 3. What is the prefix in the word ‘unhappy’?
(a) u
(b) un
(c) unh
(d) unha
Answer– un.
Question 4. Who has been called ‘Chanda Mama’?
(a) The Sun
(b) The Moon
(c) Stars
(d) The Earth
Answer– The Moon.
Question 5. Which is the most different option from the given four options?
(a) glow
(b) dark
(c) shine
(d) illumine
Answer– dark.
Question 6. A slogan means–
(a) words or phrases giving message attractively and quickly.
(b) sentences used in advertisements.
(c) dialogues a film or television serial.
(d) a show gun.
Answer– words or phrases giving message attractively and quickly.
Question 7. Who paid special heed to the strange voice?
(a) Arjuna
(b) Nakula
(c) Yudhishthira
(d) Bheem
Answer– Yudhishthira.
Question 8. I saw …………… dog.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) none of these
Answer– a.
Question 9. Hari has been playing ……. two hours.
(a) for
(b) from
(c) since
(d) none of these
Answer– for.
Question 10. He is angry ………… me
(a) to
(b) with
(c) at
(d) by
Answer– with.
Short Answer Questions
(Question No. 11 to 20)
Question 11. Why should we never give up in despair?
Answer– We should never give up in despair as there is always a tomorrow to start anew.
Question 12. What is the work of “Dasohli Gram Swarajya Mandal?”
Answer– This organisation works to regenerate the degraded forests.
Question 13. Why do the villagers migrate to cities and towns?
Answer– The villagers migrate to towns and cities in search of work.
Question 14. One of Chandra Shekhar’s statement provoked the magistrate. What was that statement?
Answer– He gave his name as ‘Azad’, his father’s name as ‘Swatantra’ and his residence as ‘Prison’. This provoked the magistrate.
Question 15. What does the word ‘Bhil’ stand for?
Answer– The word ‘Bhil’ stands for bow, the weapon.
Question 16. Who inspired her to fly?
Answer– The Indian pilot, J.R.D. Tata inspired her to fly.
Question 17. What is the shape of the moon according to the poem?
Answer– The shape of the moon according to the poem is round like a clock.
Question 18. Who wanted Tenali Raman’s help?
Answer– The elders of the town wanted the help of Tenali Raman.
Question 19. What did the voice from the pond say?
Answer– The voice said not to drink the water before the conditions for drinking water from the pool are fulfilled.
Question 20. How many experiments did the crew of flight STS-107 perform?
Answer– The crew of flight STS-107 performed eighty experiments space successfully.
Long Answer Questions
(Question No. 21 to 24)
Question 21. When did Raja Varma resign from his post?
Answer– When Raja Varma came to know about the awkward incident at Raman’s house, he immediately resigned from his post.
Question 22. Mention some of the honours awarded to Kalpana Chawla after her heroic death.
Answer– The honours awarded to Kalpana after her death are–
1. A heavenly body is renamed Kalpana Chawla.
2. A hill on the planet Mars is also named after her.
3. A dormitory was established in 2004 under the name ‘Kalpana Chawla Hall’ at the University of Texas.
4. A super computer was dedicated to Kalpana by NASA.
Question 23. What are the important dance forms of Bhils?
Answer– Important dance forms of Bhils are Solo, Lahari, Pali, Dandavadi, Ghodo, Dang Solo and Chhalavadi.
Question 24. What were the questions put up by Yaksha? Mention at least four.
Answer– Yaksha asked the following questions–
1. Which is the best road to Heaven?
2. Which is the worst enemy of man?
3. What is the way to be happy?
4. Who is the greatest man of all?
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