Class 7th English Model Question with Answer

Class 7th English Model Answer Sheet

अर्द्धवार्षिक मूल्यांकन 2023-24 Set-A

Multiple choice questions. (Q.1 to 5)

Instruction- Choose and write the correct option. Each question carries 1 mark.

Q. 1- What was the name of the horse trainer’s wife?

(A) Rani

(B) Shanti

(C) Asha

(D) Bhola

Ans.- (D) Bhola

Q. 2- What did Bhola get from the man in exchange for his horse?

(A) donkey

(B) dog

(C) cat

(D) monkey

Ans.- (A) donkey

Q. 3- The rainbow makes a bridge-
(A) over the trains
(B) from the earth to the sky
(C) over the tall buildings
(D) over the roads
Ans.- (B) from the earth to the sky
Q. 4- What is the comparative degree of the adjective ‘high’?
(A) higher
(B) hight
(C) highest
(D) high
Ans.- (A) higher
Q. 5- Pick the odd word out.
(A) river
(B) pond
(C) sea
(D) road
Ans.- (D) road
Fill in the blanks. (Q.6 to 10)
Q. 6- Ships —– on the seas.
Q. 7- Bhola is a —– trainer.
Q. 8- Shubhra is pretty, but her sister is —– than her.
Q. 9- The superlative deeree of —– is biggest.
Q. 10- Lion is the —— of the forest.
Q. 6- sail
Q. 7- horse
Q. 8- prettier
Q. 9- big
Q. 10- king
Very short answer type questions. (Q. 11 to 16)
Q. 11- Where did Bhola go to sell the horse?
Ans.- Bhola went to market sell the horse.
Q.12- Whom did Bhola meet first?
Ans.- Bhola met at first to a man who had a donkey.
Q. 13- Where do the boats sail?
Ans.- The boats sails in the rivers.
Q.14- What do we call the bow that bridges heaven?
Ans.- We call rainbow that bridges heaven.
Q. 15- Change the gender in the following sentences and rewrite them.
(a) The boy is wearing a blue cap.
(b) My mother cooks tasty food.
(a) The girl is wearing a blue cap.
(b) My father cooks tasty food.
Q. 16- Make sentence using the adjectives ‘wise’ and ‘tall’.
1. My uncle is a wise person.
2. Reeta is a tall girl.
Short answer type questions. (Q. 17 to 22)
Instruction- Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences. Each question carries 3 marks.
Q. 17- Why did the horse trainer and his wife decide to sell the horse?
Ans.- The horse trainer and his wife decided to sell the horse because it ate alot of fodder.
Q.18- Find the rhyming words from the sentences given below and write.
(i) I like to bake a birthday cake.
(ii) Once a king learnt how to sing.
(iii) A cat was sitting on a mat.
Ans.- bake, cake
king, sing
cat, mat
Q. 19- Why did Bhola think of buying a sheep?
Ans.- Bhola thaught of buying a sheep beacause sheep will eat very little fooder.
 Q. 20- What did the girl having the green mangoes ask the horse trainer?
Ans.- The girl having the green mangoes asked the horse trainer that “does the hen lay eggs?”
Q. 21- Combine the pairs of sentences using “who”.
(a) Seema studies in class VIII.
(b) Seema is the most brilliant student of the class.
Ans.- Seema who studies in class VIII is the most brilliant student of the class.
(a) John is a good story teller.
(b) John is telling an interesting story.
Ans.- John who is a good story teller is telling an interesting story.
(a) Gurmeet helps the boy.
(b) The boy is blind.
Ans.- Gurmeet helps the boy who is blind.
Q. 22- Write one word for these.
(i) One who looks after patients-
(ii) One who teaches-
(iii) One who sings-
Ans.- (i) nurse (ii) teacher (iii) singer
Long answer type questions. (Q. 23 to 26)
Instruction- Each question carries 5 marks.
Q. 23- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below.
An old man is selling fruits. He has long and yellow bananas, round and red apples, big and green watermelons, small and brown chickoos. He is very happy, his shop looks beautiful. Fruits smell very nice and tasty.
(¡) Who is selling fruits in the above passage?
Ans.- An old man is selling fruits in the above passage.
(ii) What is the colour and shape of bananas?
Ans.- The colour and shape of bananas are long and yellow.
(iii) How does his shop look?
Ans.- His shop looks beautiful.
(iv) Write the opposite of ‘big’.
Ans.- small.
(v) Rearrange the letters to make meaningful words-
(a) rwnbo
(b) srifut
(a) brown
(b) friuts
Q.24- Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions given below.
A silly little mule
Sat on a milking stool
And tried to write a letter to his father
But he couldn’t find the ink
So, he said, “I rather think
This writing letters home is too much bother”.
(i) Where did the mule sit?
Ans.- The mule sat on a milking stool.
(ii) What was he trying to write?
Ans.- He eas trying to write letters.
(iii) What could he not find?
Ans.- He couldn’t find the ink.
(iv) Write the past form of the word ‘try’.
Ans.- tried.
(v) Write rhyming word for-
(a) mule
(b) think
(a) stool
(b) ink
Q.25- Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school to grant you three days leave as you are sick.
The Headmaster,
Govt. Middle School, Seoni.
Subject – Application for sick leave for three days.
Respected Sir,
I am student of class 7th. I beg to say that I am suffering from fever from last night. So I am unable to come school to attend the class. Please grant me leave for three days from 28th December to 30th December, 2023.
Thanking you sir.
Date 28/12/2023 ……………… Yours sincerely,
………………………………………………. Geeta
………………………………………………. Class – 7th
Q.26- Write a paragraph about best friend.
Ans.- I have the best friend. His name is Gurpreet. We both are close friends. We go to school together and play too together. My friend Gurpreet helps me in many time. My best friend comes frist in the games. We celebrate festival together also.


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