ENGLISH PRACTICE PAPER-2 for Annual Evaluation Class-8


for Annual Evaluation Class-8

Subject- General English

Note: All questions are compulsory.

Q. 1. Do as directed:

(a) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate modal.

(i) I speak English. (may/can)

(ii) It rain in a day or two. (might/could)

(b) Combine the following pairs of sentences using the suitable conjuctions: (and/but/or)

(i) Man discoverd fire.

He learnt to cook.

(ii) He works very hard.

He gets a low salary.

(c) Change the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets:

(i) Meera is cooking dinner.    (Change into nagative.)

(ii) We should keep our promises.   (Change into interrogative.)

(d) Write the comparative and superlative degrees of the following words:

(i) poor      _______      _______ 

(ii) easy     _______      _______ 

(e) Choose the correct form of the verb given in brackets :

(i) Surabhi _______ a song. (sings/sing)

(ii) I had _______  my homework. (complete/completed)

(f) Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences:

(i) cure/prevention/is than/better/.

(ii) important/spray/it/pesticides/is/to/.

Q.2. Write the answers as asked:

(a) Write rhyming words for the following:

(i) chest _______   (ii) role _______

(iii) bold _______   (iv) treasure _______

(b) Write the plural form of the following words:

(i) monkey _______  (ii) ox _______ 

(iii) knife_______     (iv) dozen _______ 

(c) Write the opposite gender for the following words:

(i) mother _______ (ii) madam _______ 

(iii) horse _______ (iv) aunt _______ 

(d) Write one word for the following:

(i) one who cuts wood _______ 

(ii) one who travels _______ 

(iii) a small area of still water, especially one that is artificial _______ 

(iv) one who teaches _______ 

Q.3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each (any five):

(i) What is Kanha Kisli? Where is it situated?

(ii) Why did the workers from a factory come to the village of Gopeshwar?

(iii) What is a disaster?

(iv) When and where was Chandra Shekhar born?

(v) Who were trapped in the well?

(vi) Why do the villagers migrate to cities and towns?

Q.4. Answer the following questions in about three or five sentences each (any three):

(i) Why did Yudhisthira wish to get back Nakula?

(ii) Describe the last space mission of Kalpana Chawla.

(iii) Write a short note on the ‘Bhagoria Haat’.

(iv) Why did Tenali Raman invite the king, the queen and some courtiers to his house?

Q.5. Answer the following questions in about one or two sentences each (any three):

(i) What are the colours of the balloons which shine far away?

(ii) Who told the secret to the tree?

(iii) What did the robber do with the gold?

(iv) What does it take to make a brand new start?

Q.6. Write a stanza of any poem from your textbook of English.

Q.7. Write a paragraph on “Republic Day Celebration” in your school using the clues given below:

[rally (procession), chief guest, flag hoisting, cultural programmes, mid day meal]

Q.8. Write an application to your class teacher requesting him to grant you a three days sick leave.


Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to spend some days with you during summer vacation.

Q.9. Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

(i) Any great leader     (iii) Any festival

(ii) Importance of computers     (iv) My school

Q.10. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

Abraham Lincoln was the son of a poor farmer named Thomas Lincoln, His father was not able to give him proper education. However Abraham Lincoln studied by the fire-light till mid-night. He used coal as a pencil and flat pieces of wood as paper. He helped his father in the field.

Once Abe, as he was called by the people, borrowed a book called “The Life of George Washington’ from a neighbour. The book prooved a turning point in his life. He made up his mind to rise so high in life as to become stronger day by day and achieved at the end. And one day in 1861 the people shouted with joy, “Abe Lincoln is elected the President”.

Questions :

(a) Which book did Abe borrow from a neighbour?

(b) Whose son was Abraham Lincoln?

(c) When was Lincoln elected the president of United States?

(d) Find the opposite word of the following from the passage.

rich _______

start _______

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