ENGLISH PRACTICE PAPER-5 for Annual Evaluation Class-8


for Annual Evaluation Class-8

Subject- General English

Note: All questions are compulsory.

Q. 1. Do as directed:

(a) Fill in the blanks with the suitable helping verb – is/am/are

(i) Tigers _______  found in India.

(ii) Chandan _______  coming today.

(b) Write the comparative and superlative degrees of the following words.

(i) great _______      _______ 

(ii) busy _______      _______ 

(c) Combine the sentences given below using an appropriate conjuction. (and/or/but)

(i) He works very hard.

He gets a low salary.

(ii) Man discovered fire.

He learnt to cook.

(d) Change the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets:

(i) They will help her. (Change into interrogative.)

(ii) She is cooking the dinner. (Change into negative.)

(e) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals.

(i) I use your mobile phone? (can/may)

(ii) Atul speak English well. (can/may)

(f) (i) Change the following sentence into passive voice: Mary wrote a letter.

(ii) Read the following sentence and punctuate it: where do you live

Q.2. Write the answers as asked:

(a) Write the homophones for the following words.

(i) I  _______ (ii) know _______ 

(iii) right _______ (iv) steel _______ 

(b) Write one word for the following:

(i) one who teaches in a school _______ 

(ii) one who cuts wood _______ 

(iii) one who makes shoes _______ 

(iv) one who makes jewellery _______ 

(c) Write the opposite gender for the following words.

(i) king _______ (ii) madam _______ 

(iii) father _______ (iv) milkman _______ 

(d) Classify the words given below according to the sound ‘g’ as in gun and ‘g’ as in giraffe.

gate     giant        glass         fridge

Q.3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each (any five):

(i) When and where was Chandra Shekhar born?

(ii) When did Kanha National Park come into existence?

(iii) Who were trapped in the well?

(iv) Who was invited to the court to draw the protrait of the king?

(v) What does the word “Bhil” stand for?

(vi) Where does Mayank live?

Q.4. Answer the following questions in about three or five sentences each (any three): 

(i) How is our life affected by floods?

(ii) Write a short note on the ‘Bhagoria Haat’.

(iii) Why did Raja Verma become close and dear to the king?

(iv) Describe the last space mission of Kalpana Chawla.

Q.5. Answer the following questions in about one or two sentences each (any three):

(i) Who told the secret to the tree?

(ii) Who always comes on market days?

(iii) Why should we never give up in despair?

(iv) What did the robber do with the gold?

Q.6. Write a stanza of any poem from your textbook of English.

Q.7. Write a paragraph on “Birthday Celebration” using the clues given below: 

invite, celebrate, friends, neighbours, candle decoration, presents, dance, cake, happy

Q.8. Write an application to your headmaster requesting him to issue you school leaving certificate.


Write a letter to your father to send you Rs. 400/- as you have to buy some books and a cricket bat.

Q.9. Write an essay on any one of the following topics: 

(i) My best friend

(iii) Importance of trees

(ii) My school

(iv) Any great man

Q.10. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it :

A butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. It looks beautiful because of the brilliant colours of wings. The wings are covered with very small scales. The scales have colours. The colours on the wings make very fine patterns. Many butterflies have large black circles on their wings. These look like eyes.

These “eyes” are very useful to the butterfly. They help them to escape from its enemies. To catch a butterfly, a bird or a lizard aims at the “eye”, But it gets only bit of the wings. The butterfly escapes without getting hurt. When we see a butterfly with the “eye”on one of its wings missing, then it is sure that someone had tried to catch the butterfly but the butterfly had escaped.

Questions :

(a) Why does a butterfly look beautiful?

(b) What do the colours make on the wings?

(c) Who aims at the “eye” of the butterfly?

(d) Write the opposite of the given words from the passage.

ugly _______ 

friends _______ 

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