ENGLISH PRACTICE PAPER-6 for Annual Evaluation Class-8


for Annual Evaluation Class-8

Subject- General English

Note: All questions are compulsory.

Q. 1. Do as directed:

(a) Write the comparative and superlative degrees of the following words.

(i) easy _______ 

(ii) hot _______ 

(b) Combine the sentences given below using an appropriate conjuction. (and or but)

(i) You must take care.

You will fall sick.

(ii) He knocked at the door.

No one answered.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals:

(i) _______  God bless you. (can/may)

(ii) I ________  not speak French. (can/may)

(d) Fill in the blanks with suitable helping verb – is/am/are

(i) Diwali _______  a festival of light.

(ii) I _______  going to market.

(e) Change the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets:

(i) They will help her. (Change into interrogative.)

(ii) Birds fly in the sky. (Change into negative.)

(f) (i) Change the following sentence into passive voice. Asma eats an apple.

(ii) Read the following sentence and punctuate it. the boy gave me a toy

Q.2. Write the answers as asked:

(a) Write the opposite gender for the following words.

(i) wife _______ (ii) man _______ 

(iii) host _______ (iv) girl _______ 

(b) Write the homophones for the following words.

(i) sun _______ (ii) sea _______ 

(iii) hare _______ (iv) ate _______ 

(c) Write one word for the following:

(i) one who drives a car _______ 

(ii) a wild plant growing where it is not wanted _______ 

(iii) one who travels _______ 

(iv) one who makes jewellery _______ 

(d) Classify the words given below according to the sound ‘g’ as in giraffe and ‘g’ as in gun.

age      bag      cage       gate

Q.3. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each (any five): 

(i) What attracts the tourists in Kanha Kisli?

(ii) What did the villagers do when the contractors chose another forest?

(iii) What are epidemics?

(iv) What are the important dance forms of Bhils?

(v) When could the woodcutter not earn any money?

(vi) What is meant by the word ‘Conservation’?

Q.4. Answer the following questions in about three or five sentences each (any three):

(i) How did the king realize his mistake in “Measure for Measure”?

(ii) What courses did Kalpana Chawla have to go through to become an astronaut?

(iii) Write a short note on the Bhagoria Haat.

(iv) Why was British police able to surround Chandra Shekhar Azad?

Q.5. Answer the following questions in about one or two sentences each (any three):

(i) What does it take to make a brand new start?

(ii) Who always comes on market days?

(iii) Why did the miser make a terrible clatter?

(iv) Who told the secret to the boy in the poem “A Secret”?

Q.6. Write a stanza of any poem from your textbook of English. 

Q.7. Write a paragraph on “Independence day” using the clues given below:

15th August, national flag, national song, holiday, sweets, tricolour, national anthem, guests, freedom, country, prize

Q.8. Write an application to your headmaster requesting him to grant you 4 days leave as you are going to attend your sister’s marriage.


Write a letter to your father to send you Rs. 400/- as you have to buy an English dictionary.

Q.9. Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

(i) Any festival

(ii) Wonders of science

(iii) My hobby

(iv) Computer

Q.10. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it : 

All of us need food to live. We need food to grow and to remain strong and healthy. Food gives us energy to work and play. We get all our food from plants and animals. We must eat different types of food. Each type of food plays an important role in our body. There are three main types of food that we eat. Energy giving food, body building food and protective food.

The food items like wheat, rice, butter, milk, sugar give us energy to work. These food items are called energy giving foods. Milk, pulses, eggs, grains help us to grow and build our bodies so these food items are called body building foods. Fruits and vegetables protect us from diseases. So, they are called protective foods.


(a) Why do we need food?

(b) Where do we get all our food from?

(c) What are energy giving foods?

(d) Write the opposite word for the following words from the passage.

weak _______ 

take _______ 

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